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Greg Georgiades & ULTRA NATIVES debut album launch at Klitsgras this Friday 14 Feb!

ULTRA NATIVES performing live at Klitsgras
READ ALL ABOUT IT! …AND… come to the show on Valentines evening Fri 14th February at the amazing Klitsgras Drumming Circle venue, plot 62 Garsfontein rd east, Pretoria. 
This exciting event marks the emergence, on the music scene, of the freshest, most spicy, irresistibly rhythmical and hard driving fun music group to hit the ears of people anywhere. Their special formula is ….there is NO FORMULA….leading to the freedom of fun and movement that one gets when one shakes the shackles of genre restriction. 
Be warned that the instrumentation such as, acoustic guitars, ukelele, North African fretless lute, trombone, bass, drums and vocals, may seem tame …BUT WILL ambush your ears and hijack your bodies!

The unique yet matching line up is Greg Hadjiyorki Georgiades- vocals, guitar, oud, ukelele, Siya Makuzeni- vocals, trombone, David J Georgiades- drums, Jaco Mans- guitar, vocals, Jonathan Daniel Georgiades- bass
Come prepared for outrageous fun and movement…then you will be ready for….
Greg Georgiades & ULTRA NATIVES! 
Look out for future launch dates in other regions….